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Serena Ryder

05 Jul, 2019
07:00 PM
Serena Ryder

Celebrated Toronto singer/songwriter Serena Ryder followed-up 2012’s expectation-defying critical and commercial hit, Harmony with UTOPIA (2017). Serena was a major-label artist with a gold-selling album (2006’s If Your Memory Serves You Well) and a gold-selling single all before she’d even turned 25. Harmony’s triple-platinum single, “Stompa” and its anthemic follow-up, “What I Wouldn’t Do”, haven’t left the airwaves since 2012. Serena is a Multi-JUNO Award-winner (including Songwriter of The Year and Artist of The Year for 2014) and her most recent lead single “Ice Age” has gone top 10. Serena Ryder will be performing with her full band on the Friday and be doing an acoustic performance on Saturday.

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