Ron James Delivers Laughs for Mental Health

Ron James Delivers Laughs for Mental Health

By David DeRocco                   

It’s said laughter is the best medicine. If that’s true, there’s a full slate of prescriptions coming for those in need of treatments thanks to the upcoming Night For Mental Health with Ron James.

The venerable Canadian stand up will make his return to St. Catharines as part of a special fundraising event in support of Wild-Maple Village, a new non-profit organization created to help people suffering with depression, anxiety, grief, and mental illness to get timely talk therapy. The project was launched by local St. Catharines resident Liz Taylor, whose goal for Wild-Maple Village is to have as many as 300 therapists available for people to access whether they can afford to pay or not. Taylor was inspired to launch the mental health initiative after emerging from her own personal mental health crisis.

“I personally had a total mental break this past summer due to the fall-out of COVID and was unable to get a talk therapists due to financial restraints,” said Taylor, who divides her time between selling real estate and pursing her acting career. “I’ve come through it and have realized that there is a huge gap in the system provided by our government, with a waiting time of over one year to get a free talk therapist which is ridiculous. So I thought I’d take it on myself.”

To access treatment, people can log on to and ask for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to have a non-judgemental chat with Taylor to first determine their needs and whether they are candidates for our program.

“We ask that people who can afford a therapist to pay for their own sessions, but we still connect them with the right therapist,” said Taylor, a certified Mental Health First Aider who recently moved back to the Garden City. “Every penny of donations go to pay the therapists. I hope we’ll be able to get more corporate supporters and I invite anyone in that position to contact me to raise more funding.”

The Night For Mental Health With Ron James is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy an intimate evening with James, a comedy veteran, author, and headliner with multiple CBC specials to his credit. James has toured the country extensively over the years, in the process delivering a unique take on Canadiana presented in his own unique way.

Only 55 tickets will be sold for this event, which happens February 17th at Stone Mill Inn Banquet Hall on Hartzell Road in St. Catharines. There will also be live music with The Lost Boys and tickets include a spectacular four-course meal. Tickets are limited so buy early! 

The organization is also hosting a bowling fundraiser January 31st at Parkway Social. Tickets to both events can be found on the website at