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Jitters by David French

03 Nov, 2018
08:00 PM
Jitters by David French

Join us in the fall for a Canadian comedy classic!
David French's Jitters is a warm-hearted, lively and truly hilarious examination of backstage shenanigans by one of Canada's leading playwrights. The audience is treated to a backstage peek at the trials and tribulations of a provincial theatre company as it approaches opening night of its latest production, 'The Care and Treatment of Roses'.  Whatever can go wrong does, but the show must go on!  

"For anyone who has any knowledge of the life of the theatre, French has caught its moods, anxieties and foibles to a lunatic nicety." —NY Post.
"…a sparkling Canadian comedy to rank up there with the best of them…comedy of character, filled with bitchy wit, warmth and affection." —Toronto Star.

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