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Christmas on Ice: One Cool Holiday Spectacular

Christmas on Ice: One Cool Holiday Spectacular

By David DeRocco dave@gobeweekly.com  https://twitter.com/?lang=en 

The Avalon Ballroom at Fallsview Casino has hosted a lot of cool productions over the years. When it comes to being ice cold, however, nothing matches the sheer spectacle of the Christmas on Ice production that just started its holiday run.

The multi-media, multi-performer extravaganza is unlike any other show held throughout the year, given its unique use of the Avalon Ballroom space.

“There’s the stage, plus a 40 by 40 ice rink in the middle of the auditorium as well,” explained Jay Lodge, CEO of Dublin Worldwide Productions, producers of the show. “The audience sits around the ice part, which is really great. It’s really up close and personal, making for a great experience for everyone in the audience.”

Ice skating fans used to seeing their favourite skaters on hockey arena-sized sheets of ice will marvel at the routines these talented skaters can deliver on this comparative postage-stamp sized skating rink. However, Lodge says all the skaters have completed extensive practice to ensure they’re ready for smaller confines offered by the temporary ice inside the Avalon.

“They have a rehearsal facility in South Carolina, so they rehearse there for a month before the show gets up to Niagara Falls,” says Lodge, who’s company has eight other productions being staged from Reno, Nevada to Japan. “Then they spend a week in the venue, so they’re pretty well-reheased and ready to go.”

What can a temporary ice facility erected inside a casino offer to enhance your Christmas spirit? Lodge says the show delivers in multiple ways.

“It really is a Christmas spectacular. You’ve got three different elements of artistic talents. You’ve got the six singers, eight dancers and the nine ice skaters. There’s a lot of different elements coming from all angles, the beautiful backdrops for the show along with a 50 foot wide video wall. The music offers all elements of Christmas music, a little bit of gospel, a little bit traditional, some of your favourite pop songs. It all ties together into a wonderful production.”

The show features Canadian skaters Jodeyne Higgins and Sean Rice, along with a collection of skaters from Ukraine, Australia, Great Britain and the USA, bringing an international flair to the daily performances running now through December 10th. It’s a lot of entertainment packed into a little space, which given the level of skating difficulty and moves being delivered by the skaters makes for a very thrilling experience.

“That’s part of the fun of the show and the excitement it brings,” said Lodge. “It’s very up close and personal and very unique. You don’t always get that in bigger venues, there’s always space between the audience and the performers. Here, you’ll feel the spray of the ice, it’s that close. But that’s what makes it exciting.”


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