Canadian Playboyz: Ladies Night Just Got Hotter

Canadian Playboyz: Ladies Night Just Got Hotter

The popularity of the male dad body with women is a myth; if you don’t believe it, drop into the Seneca Queen Theatre October 3rd when the male exotic dance review known as CANADIAN PLAYBOYZ takes the stage.

Outside of a Black Friday sale at an Alabama Walmart, there are few places that can generate an all-female frenzy quite like a night of male strippers with chisled bodies working the ladies into a lather. The men of Canadian Playboyz are counting on just such a reaction then they bring their dance review to the Seneca.

“The doors open at 8, but women always tend to arrive late,” said Derek Berry – a.k.a. Derek Diamond – road manager and occasional dancer with the travelling troupe of performers. “We spend the first hour mingling with the girls, chatting, becoming more familiar. If they’re feeling frisky, there may be an impromptu lap dance. We usually get the show going about an hour and a half later.”

What ensues afterward is a phenomena not often seen at a gentleman’s club, where the mood is usually sullen, sordid and sad. When the Playboys hit the stage, dancing to modern dance, pop and hip-hop tracks, the room becomes electric. Even with the theatre-style seating at the Seneca, Diamond expects a typical frenzied reaction from the ladies.

“We start with a group dance number, all three or four of us. We’ll do a dance routine all together, and then we run a solo routine for each guy. Depending on what the rules are, we might be able to bring girls up on the stage to break that separation between audience and performers. It’s a little different than female strippers. They don’t like to be touched as much, where the guys can control the situation a little better if a woman gets out of hand. Where they cross the line is when they scratch, bite, pull your hair hard or squeeze your genitals.”

All risks aside, Diamond says nudity does ensue depending on what local bylaws permit. Ladies might be disappointed to know, however, that the nudity is never part of the interactive portion of the show.

“I usually find out the parametres of what we are allowed to do the moment I arrive at the club,” says Diamond. “In Ontario we can do nudity. By the time we’re doing nudity there’s no contact with the audience. When we’re in contact we’re wearing boxers, our fronts are covered, our butts are covered, but the girls can still touch.”

Tickets for the fully licensed Canadian Playboyz Dance Review are available now at Seneca Queen Theatre.