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Whatzername with Special Guests

21 Feb, 2020
09:00 PM
Whatzername with Special Guests

WHATZERNAME at Moose & Goose.

Their sound is a colourful blend of fuzz-driven alternative pop/rock, a reflection of their love of grunge and punk. "Vulture" is the band's second single, with a new video that takes place in a retro-themed house that featured the ladies jamming in cool, artistically decorated rooms. Ashlee narrates the song from her seat at the piano, juxtaposed by the rest of the band performing in the bedroom. The video also features Danno O’Shea (of My Son The Hurricane), who recorded lead guitar on the track. Preview the video for “Vulture” here:

They are headlining the show at Moose & Goose on February 21st. Click here for more details: